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Blue Oak. A Preventive healthcare company

Today, 1 in 4 Singaporeans above 40 years old is diagnosed with at least 1 chronic condition (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol). When inadequately managed, these conditions bring about long term complications that can result in heavy medical costs, physical and emotional stress to the individual and his/her family. They stop us from doing what we love and lead fulfilling lives.


Yet, we do not have to be stopped by what we can prevent.


Blue Oak is dedicated to designing care programs for prevention and early intervention of diseases through smoking cessation, weight management and chronic disease management. We believe we can take charge of our health and be empowered for living the life we love.

Empowering you for better health

New Perspectives, Lasting Change

Taking charge of your health goes beyond routine checks and medication. Our unique program helps you see things differently and create enduring changes to your health and life.

A Partner Who Keeps You Going

Achieving your health goals can be difficult alone. Our multi-disciplinary team works with you to plan and track your progress for better health outcomes.

Information Targeted At Your Needs

We provide you with the right information at the right time. So you can gain a deeper insight on how your body works and be empowered for change.

what our clients say

"Dr. Angela Tan has been both a wonderful and inspiring coach to me. Before Blue Oak's program, I have not been able to carry out my daily morning exercises regularly. After two weeks, my daily regime of exercises has become part of me. I have come to realise that without discipline, nothing works!"

Sue Lim / CEO, TrendGlass

"Blue Oak has impacted me very positively. I gained clarity on work and relationship matters, thereby relieving stress. I am now committed to new actions such as doing regular exercises with my family to keep in good health and better balance!"

SC Cheong/ CEO, Mdesign

Are you ready to start your health journey?